Hi, I’m Paole Stokman

I graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague in 2000. After graduating I spent 15 years studying and experimenting with arts materials to become 'master of the paint'. This resulted in me inventing a new technique called 'thread painting'. It involves pushing heavy body paints through a syringe creating a thin line or thread.

Thread collection

My 'Thread Collection: Day & Night' paintings have been selected for the Artexpo New York 2016 in April. This collection is entirely made with my new technique. The core of which is a play with colour, balance and transience. This website shows my thread collection.


Using artists grade quality materials only will make my thread paintings withstand the test of time. My pictures will age gracefully and will still be in prime condition and in balance in 300 years. Although they won’t be the same pictures as they are today. Even in one day my pictures change with every different light fall. It is all to do with the technique and pigments I use.

Ever changing painting

The threads of paint I apply create a relief that plays with light and shadow, changing the mood of the painting continuously. Even at night, due to the phosphor pigments trapped in the under layers. A painting that never bores and is in balance no matter which way you hang it up.